Is There a Way to Quit Smoking and Feel Good About It?

Is There a Way to Quit Smoking and Feel Good About It?

Is There a Way to Quit Smoking and Feel Good About It?Often people have negative thoughts when they try to quit smoking. This type of attitude will diminish, in time, our will to fight against smoking. It is a good practice to have some sort of a reminder to never forget all of the benefits of our decision.

What are the “benefits” of passive smoking?

Passive smoking, also called second-hand smoke, is the act of inhaling the smoke by the persons who are not the ones that are actively doing it. Being exposed to SHS causes a series of health risks like: cardiovascular disease, lung cancer and most of the diseases connected to the respiratory system.

Passive smoking has a greater negative impact on kids, it produces asthma, lung infections, allergies, learning difficulties, increased tooth decay, risk of middle ear infections and impaired respiratory functions. Think what a great favor you are doing to your family, friends, colleagues, people in general if you quit smoking. Now you can be more in control over the health of the others, and for sure that the non-smokers will appreciate your decision.

What other activities are there?

Cigar users are dependent not only on the nicotine, but by the gesture to smoke itself, the hand to mouth move that is implied by smoking. Replacing this habit with the one of eating slowly a bag of crackers, bagels or any food will help you with your addiction. Other tricks are keeping yourself busy.

If you follow your schedule and have a full day with no breaks for activities related to smoking, and instead of smoking you read a book, study, do your work, visit an art gallery, visit places where smoking is banned, then, in time, you will have a good chance to quit smoking. You can also go to a psychologist to determine and to explore your behavior, because professional help is designed to eliminate the cause and desire to smoke. If you want to get rid of this habbit you have to read .

What are the real benefits of quitting?

Maybe that a good and positive attitude can come from the rewards that smoke quitting can bring. One day after you quit your heart attack rate drops by 70 percent, after two days your nerve endings related to smell and taste start to regenerate, three weeks after you’ll start breathing normal, after nine months the lungs are in a process of regeneration, after one year your risk for a heart disease is dropped to 50 percent, after 5 years your heart attack rate is normal,  and after 15 years you are like a person who never smoked.

Quit smoking and your brain will have more oxygen for you to focus better, to concentrate, to remember and to study. Your work capacity and efficiency will go up. Your food will have a better flavor, you will sleep tidier and run faster. You will have white teeth and a nice breath smell.

Overall, there are so many benefits for you to quit smoking, which we cannot quantify; living a longer and a healthier life is the best reward that anyone can have. What other reasons are there to consider, if we don’t take into account this very one?

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    No question — quitting smoking can save your life. But it brings temporary physical withdrawal symptoms — such as irritability and headache — followed by the long haul of sticking with it.

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