Assessing the risks

Assessing the risks

 Assessing the risks At least once in their life, everybody heard or came across a situation defined as simple as ”no pain no gain”  and this suits also very well in business.

Literally, this means that if you are not ready to risk, you do not win. Actually, it does not matter if you start a business or buy one, there will always be some risks. It depends on the entrepreneur if he is willing to take them or not.

Although it is impossible to avoid all risk when you decide buying a business, proper planning can help minimizing business risks and if you seek professional advice, feel free to In fact, the only thing that suits you best when you buy an already functioning business is you do not have that start-up risk. In that case you will invest more money in the beginning, but at least you purchase a business that already has a product, location, employees, client data base and a functional management system.

Certainly, risks are many, but if you make a management mistake in the business you bought you can ruin everything. The risks are much lower if you have an efficient management and you are able to grow the business in the same way as before acquisition. The risks increase when you have an inefficient management and you want to make major changes immediately.

To ensure that the option of buying a business is the best solution you must clarify several issues regarding the general situation of the company you intend to purchase. Perhaps, the risks posed by the acquisition of an existing business may be as big as when you start one, they are only of a “different colour”- and here are worth mentioned especially organizational risks – people, processes, structures.

The highest degree of safety is encountered in franchise business, followed by the acquisition of an existing business, placing it last, launching a business from scratch. A franchise can save start-up costs, investments in brand, development of the know-how, but by its very nature, sets on some limits, which you do not have when starting-up. So, go on! Take a risk and buy a franchise. In a franchise, you’re basically paying a company called the franchisor an initial fee and a periodical royalty in return for rights to take over the entire business model.

As a franchisee, you pay for the purchase of a tested business system. The main advantage of a franchise is that you minimize the risk, given that you take over a system that has proven fully functional in other countries / cities. As well as when buying a business, you need to evaluate your options very carefully, in order to choose a business that fits you and that you will enjoy to manage.

Another thing when buying a business do not hire new people in from the beginning, because this involves multiple costs:  the employee’s wages, taxes and any other benefits related to be added to the salary. In addition, staffing involves a lot of paperwork and you have to invest your time in taking care of all aspects of employment: legal and tax related.

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