Advantages of Timber Modular Houses or Eco Kit Maison en Bois

Advantages of Timber Modular Houses or Eco Kit Maison en Bois

Advantages of Timber Modular Houses or Eco Kit Maison en Bois

Beginning a life on your own usually starts with getting your own place. However, most young people cannot afford buying an apartment or a house and hardly manage to find solutions for this problem. Most of them choose renting, but when you estimate the sum of money that you end up spending on rent, with no benefits for the long-term, this option becomes less attractive.

Moreover, the instability that comes with living in a rented house or apartment can ruin this experience for many people. There is another alternative that might just prove to be a great solution to this problem: prefabricated modular houses or, as the French call them, eco kit maison en bois.

One of the main advantages of modular houses such as eco kit maison en bois is that they have much more reasonable prices. The expenses that you can cut are not only related to the investment that you make in the house itself, but also to long-term costs of utilities. How come?

Prefabricated timber houses are designed taking into account the main ecological concerns. First of all, correctly treated, timber is not included in the list of highly toxic materials, which can be harmful not only towards the environment, but also towards your health – such as asbestos, different types of metals (lead, chromium, cadmium) and other materials that are treated with toxic substances.

Therefore, the investment that you make in an eco-house is an investment in your own health and in the environment’s well-being as well. But more than that, the type of wood that it is generally used for such modules has great thermal insulation properties, which obviously means that you are going to spend less on gas and electricity bills.

Another aspect that can be of great help for someone who does not have the financial means to purchase the house of their dreams straight away is that modular houses can easily be adapted according to your current budget and enlarged in time. Instead of investing, at first, in a smaller, but cheaper house or apartment only to sell it in order to purchase a larger one after several years, thus wasting money on taxes and realtor fees and commissions, it is much more convenient to choose a timber modular house or an eco kit maison en bois.

Since this type it is modular, it can practically be bought piece by piece, so to speak. As a matter of fact, professional companies that commercialize prefabricated timber houses actually give you the opportunity to choose from the start the house that you wish and have it delivered in different stages, according to your financial possibilities.

You might wonder how is that different from building a classic house and adding rooms and making adjustments in time. The difference is significant: not only that building annexes in a traditional manner takes much longer and costs more, but also the effort and the mess you would have to stand for months in such a case are no longer a problem when you add a new part to your modular house.

Overall, the advantages of prefabricated timber modules or eco kit maison en bois definitely prove that they are a viable and preferable option to renting, building or buying a regular house or an apartment, and you can find this type of buildings on

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